This year we've had a gorgeous and hot summer within the Pacific North West. With all that summer heat you almost certainly haven’t been using your bathtub the maximum amount. Well, we’re here to assist. Turning your bathtub into a summer time cool tub are often the right solution to those hot summers. the simplest part is, it’s pretty simple to try. Although hot tubs don’t have a “cooler” to chill your water, most hot tubs have inbuilt settings to help you in maintaining temperatures cooler than 100 degrees.

The water in your bathtub doesn’t need to be freezing to use as a “cool tub”. Actually, anything under your blood heat of 98.6°F goes to chill you down albeit its only a few of degrees.

Using Modes for a Cool Spa

Depending on your bathtub configuration or model, these modes could also be named differently but essentially all hot tubs have these standard functions.

Sleep Mode is common and shows the code as Sl or Slp. during this mode the temperature will heat up to within 20 degrees farenheit (20°F) of the set temperature but will only plan to heat during filter cycles. Using Sleep Mode and setting the temperature on your spa to rock bottom possible setting will allow your bathtub to continue with filter cycles while keeping your water cool.

Some spas manufactured within the Midwest have preset summer mode, these options are often found within the setting on your topside instrument panel.

Elite Spas

It has additional configuration features allowing you to regulate the warmth, Ready or Rest also as Temperature Range, High or Low. Using the Elite Spas instrument panel you'll simple change these in settings. Set the warmth to Rest and therefore the Temperature Range to Low. This may reduce temperature and leave the remainder of your spas settings an equivalent. For a model for many people, a form with more surface area is needed, while for a house with two people as a couple a small-scale tubs for sale is enough.