Running out of time to work out but need to relax? Do both with these simple hot tub exercises. Hot water increases your blood flow, which helps release toxins from your body. You can do a lot of low impact hot tub exercises that aid weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility, and injury prevention.

Calf raises

This hot tub workout is easy and effective. Stand in the middle of your hot tub, not the used hot tubs for saletype and raise up onto your toes. Doing this movement repeatedly will slim and tone your calves. If you need help staying balanced, flex your butt and tighten your abs. Feel free to use the wall for support until you're used to the exercise then let go for max results.

Torso crunch

You can do this exercise while kneeling or sitting. Just make sure your shoulders are submerged and your arms are crossed in front of your torso. Contract your abdominal muscles and twist left to right slowly. Breathe out as you twist and breathe in as you return to the centre. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed. Focus on increasing your range of motion from side to side. This exercise also works out your oblique muscles!

Up and downs

Squats can be awkward, but if you're in a hot tub they're a lot more fun. The low-impact water resistance keeps your knees from hurting and gives you more support. Tilt your hips back as if sitting in a chair and extend your arms out in front of you for balance. Sit back slowly and pause halfway down, keeping your abdominal muscles taut. Then come to a stand and repeat. To prevent stress on your joints, avoid locking your knees when you stand up right. You can use a step or sturdy chair for support as you squat down.

Cross your arms

This exercise can be done by sitting or standing. Either way, keep your shoulders submerged under water. Extend your arms with your palms facing the floor and begin to move your arms straight out at your sides. Then cross them in front of your chest. Repeat this move to increase your heart rate and activate your deltoids front and rear shoulder muscles.