You just buy your portable spa, and you are satisfied beyond your expectations. Indeed your Jacuzzi offers the options you've always dreamed of. And even more. Prepare to be more popular than ever and have friends come to line up for a spa session.

To enjoy your spa with your friends, organize spa evenings

Jacuzzi 7 or 8 seats, good music, friends, a glass of wine or beer... Here are all the ingredients for a perfect evening ! If you are a party animal, you doubtless planned to organize evenings Jacuzzi. Your hot tub will then be better placed in your garden than in your inside. Polish up the decoration with festive or dim lights, spots or candle jars.

Experiment and test your hot tub with essential oils

Turn your hot tub into a real spa, with the addition of your favorite scents and different bubble bath products, but make sure that the products used are designed for spa use. Essential oils result from plants and are natural. They are a source of benefits and their effects on health are at the origin of aromatherapy. They can be a good way to enhance a jacuzzi friends with relaxing scents, exotic or exciting flavours. You can choose the theme of your jacuzzi evening with the style of your essential oil. Thus the ylang-ylang perfume, jasmine or green tea fragrance perfectly suit an evening under the sign of the exotic and tropical paradise. A small holiday air before time, in fact ! The lavender and the eucalyptus evoke more the Mediterranean sweetness. The French Riviera, Italy, Spain or Greece. A wide choice of essential oils is most often offered by spas vendors, so do not hesitate to consult the pages "accessories" of their website.

An aquatic theater

Imagine you watching your favorite DVD while relaxing in your spa with massage treatments by water ? Install a portable DVD player near your hot tub water and arrange a movie night under the stars.