You've thought about it for a long time and there it is: you have made up your mind, you are going to buy a spa! Because this is a pretty important decision, it took you a moment to think it over so now you have to prepare everything whether it is the budget you are going to allocate or the location on which you want to place it ...

At the price level

Jacuzzi and spas prices vary, we can say that we can find them for all budgets because we can go from the cheapest, therefore 500 € or very expensive, which can go up to more than 50,000 €; the realization of your project therefore depends above all on your budget. Subsequently, it will be easy for you to choose the model, the brand or the material with which the spa was made, the type of installation if it will be recessed or just installed, the options that will be up to your expectations. expectations. In order not to be disappointed, it is better to always seek the advice of a professional and why not a quote because in addition to the purchase price of the jacuzzi, there are additional costs such as the cost of the installation or the price of the accessories you want to purchase and you must not forget that the delivery of your spa also generates some additional expenses. The budget being buckled, you have to plan the right location, everything is defined by your preferences: if you want to have an indoor jacuzzi tubs that will allow you to enjoy therapeutic treatments, otherwise the outdoor spas, you will enjoy hot baths under a starry sky in summer as in winter. Even if with the indoor spa you can enjoy it all year round, remember that the area must be well ventilated so as not to form mold or other fungi that are harmful to health. The floor should be perfectly even and flat, but strong enough to support the weight of the filled hot tub as well as the guests relaxing in it.

Finally, you must take some precautions for outdoor spas, whether buried or semi-buried, to prevent accidental drowning, it is best to learn about the legislation in force: although there is no There are not really any regulations specific to the spa, the town hall can give you some information on this subject.